ABG people believe that artists can help each other to become better artists by sharing
information and ideas in open, non-judgmental meetings.

Timothy J. Fuss

Artists may be painters, musicians, writers, photographers, glass artists, sculptors, poets, or any other kind of artist. Artists may have any amount of skill and experience - new artists bring fresh ideas while experienced artists bring proven skills.

All are welcome.

We believe that exchanging ideas from different perspectives helps us gain new ways of looking at things and improves our art.

We like keeping things simple. There are no dues and we don't take attendance. We have only one rule: please don't talk while someone else is speaking.

We have one officer - a "Facilitator" - who serves as long as the group and Facilitator agree to continue. We don't serve breakfast, so please bring your own if you wish.

If you believe as we do, just come to a meeting and meet friendly fellow artists. No invitation needed. If you'd like more info or to talk with our facilitator, just send an email to:

Liesl Gaesser

Geno Horvath

Sue Donovan

John C. Mariner

Lisa Cook

Michelle Turner