The Artists' Breakfast Group of Rochester, New York is a gathering of artists and friends of the arts from
diverse disciplines and levels of involvement who come together weekly to share information, share their
evolving artistic process, and provide support.

We perceive ourselves as open to many points of view, and, while not always in agreement, are willing to
engage in gracious dialogue with each other and our guests.

ABG welcomes all persons practicing or interested in Art in any of its many forms. The very diversity of the
Group evidences the universality of the language of Art, demonstrating the power of Art to bring together
people from all backgrounds and walks of life

No attendance taken: ABG participants determine for themselves their own level of involvement and are free to
attend as frequently or infrequently as they choose. Assistance with exhibits or other projects is always voluntary.

No dues: It costs nothing to be a part of ABG. Any exhibiting costs are shared by the artists who chose to exhibit.
Anonymous non-deductible contributions are sometimes given to help support special events or expenses such as
this website. They are given both by artists who are part of ABG and those outside the group who want to support
ABG's presence in our community as an open forum for the arts. There is no obligation to give - ever.

No food either: It's bring-your-own breakfast, or not, as you choose. There's a mini-Starbucks on the first floor of
the Bausch & Lomb Wintergarden cafeteria with coffee and a limited selection of foods.

Keeping informed: Announcements at the meetings, this website, our blog, and emails are used to keep
participants informed. Our current email list has over 150 people, with a much smaller number at any given meeting.

Leadership: ABG has no board of directors or slate of officers. A Facilitator is chosen to moderate meetings,
coordinate activities, and keep participants informed. Facilitators have usually served one year, perhaps a longer or
shorter time based on the group's needs and the Facilitator's availability.


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